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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing all about?

So you have heard a lot about it, but what does it actually mean?


The cloud is “everywhere” and means different things to different people.


On the whole it means that your information and the tools to work with your information can be retrieved, read and edited from any location with an internet connection.


In general your information will be held in a data centre running hundreds and thousands of systems and you may not even know where it is.



The idea is you do not have to concern yourself about the infrastructure and computers required as this is taken care of for you.  All you have to do is define your requirements and pay a regular fee for the services you need.


On the whole businesses are still a long way from this model, particularly if they have an existing system built up over many years.  Small businesses and start-ups will find it easier to take on this model as they have relatively little history or use of legacy systems.


In truth every firm with a number of shared services and computers can move toward this centralised model in many ways, however, the need for a backup of your information and systems never goes away and still holds for all businesses.


ShadowProtect can be used as system backup for PCs and Servers anywhere.  Your cloud based systems can be backed up so your information is always available to you.


How much are you going to rely on your provider? Are you sure that what is promised will always be delivered?  Where will you be in the queue in the event of things going wrong?  There are many questions that need to be asked when moving to a cloud based model, there are lots of advantages but there are also downsides, particularly if (when) things go wrong.  The cloud will become the key information storage system, but progress to it may not be as fast as some think.  In the meantime protecting your current systems is as important as ever.


There are several companies offering inexpensive storage in the cloud, what does this mean, how will you use it when you need it?


We can offer and advice on different forms of storage to meet your needs; local storage; central storage on your computers or our computers; “cloud” storage from third party providers.


It is very important to test your backup solutions so you know they work and you know what to do when you need them.


Contact us to discuss using Cloud Computing as part of your backup plan